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Wall Decorating Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

Create a New Look with Contemporary Art

Need to update your space? These hot picks are perfect for anyone looking to add a contemporary edge to home decor.

Express your style with splashes of color and fun shapes. Come check out the latest designer trends in wall art.

This canvas reproduction features a museum-quality printed image that is transferred to artist-grade canvas.

The special process captures the rich color and fidelity of fine artwork. Each step is completed by hand, using gallery-wrapped canvas that is stretched and mounted onto custom-built stretcher bars. Due to variations in the stretching process, finished sizes may vary slightly.

Canvas Art Adds a Touch of Class

Whether you choose a landscape, flower or abstract image, these beautiful works of art have a depth that cannot be achieved on paper.

Canvas art has the quality and feel of the original masterpieces  and have been beautifully reproduced onto stretched artist-grade canvas.

The canvas transfer process involves lifting an image from a paper print, transferring and permanently fusing it to canvas. Colors seem very vibrant and realistic, and the finished piece has the feel of an artist’s original.

Create an Exotic Getaway

Bring home the excitement and mystery of foreign lands. Global art incorporates exotic elements from around the world into your home. Surround yourself with deep, rich colors and muted earth tones. Add fresh tropical hues for the occasional accent.

Use Decorator’s Techniques to Expand Small Rooms

Choose art that takes the eye farther than the room itself, like a landscape or trompe l’oeil. Hang framed art where you would like a window to create a feeling of a larger space. Pastel or neutral color tones and simple, expansive imagery are perfect for adding an atmosphere of cheery spaciousness.