Does A Sunroom Add Value To Your Home?

Q. Does a sunroom used as a family room add to the value of my home?

A. According to a recent report on housing in America, 46% of those surveyed want a sunroom. Adding one to your house gives it a desired addition. As to added value, based on reports from national remodeling surveys and internet-posted reports by real estate professionals, adding a room adds value to the home.

Wide variations exist in the percentage of cost or overall dollar amounts a room addition can add to an existing property for appraisal or sale but no one seems to disagree with the fact that, compared to a bath or kitchen remodel that can become outdated, a room addition’s square footage is there for the long haul.

Generally, the value of a room addition or other improvement to a home is expressed by real estate professionals and in national survey results in terms of either:

  1. the cost of the improvement versus value that can be expected from that investment or
  2. the overall increase in value of a property after the improvement is made.

The ‘cost versus value’ approach works to express the cost of the improvement in dollars versus the percent of that amount you might expect to receive back against its original cost.

In recent surveys that we have reviewed using this system, family room additions were seen as good bets for increasing value.

According to one report, family room additions in some major metropolitan areas returned in excess of 100% of the cost. In some other cities, the recovery rate was predicted to be lower than 100%.

There is a laundry list of variables attached to this approach as well as to the method of establishing an appraised or market value after a major improvement like a room addition.

One Thing Is Sure

Based on the information generally available for consumers to use as a guide, a room addition adds square footage to a home and that seems to be universally seen as a good road to take to value improvement.

If knowing the re-sale value for your home with a sunroom addition for family room use is part of your decision making, we recommend that you contact a certified real estate appraiser.

An appraiser will look at your sunroom addition plans relative to comparable homes in your neighborhood, the degree of finish you plan to include in your new room, the overall condition of your home, and other important factors.

Not all sunrooms are created equal so you may also want to have the appraiser:

  • review information that you have about your contractor
  • look at your plans for the room
  • how you plan to heat and cool your new room
  • how you plan to finish the floor
  • lighting
  • other custom features you may add

Knowing that the room is a built using quality products, will be custom designed for your home, have year-round usefulness and lifetime warranty benefits, and will provide a professional result can make an important difference in your appraisal.

Wall Decorating Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

Create a New Look with Contemporary Art

Need to update your space? These hot picks are perfect for anyone looking to add a contemporary edge to home decor.

Express your style with splashes of color and fun shapes. Come check out the latest designer trends in wall art.

This canvas reproduction features a museum-quality printed image that is transferred to artist-grade canvas.

The special process captures the rich color and fidelity of fine artwork. Each step is completed by hand, using gallery-wrapped canvas that is stretched and mounted onto custom-built stretcher bars. Due to variations in the stretching process, finished sizes may vary slightly.

Canvas Art Adds a Touch of Class

Whether you choose a landscape, flower or abstract image, these beautiful works of art have a depth that cannot be achieved on paper.

Canvas art has the quality and feel of the original masterpieces  and have been beautifully reproduced onto stretched artist-grade canvas.

The canvas transfer process involves lifting an image from a paper print, transferring and permanently fusing it to canvas. Colors seem very vibrant and realistic, and the finished piece has the feel of an artist’s original.

Create an Exotic Getaway

Bring home the excitement and mystery of foreign lands. Global art incorporates exotic elements from around the world into your home. Surround yourself with deep, rich colors and muted earth tones. Add fresh tropical hues for the occasional accent.

Use Decorator’s Techniques to Expand Small Rooms

Choose art that takes the eye farther than the room itself, like a landscape or trompe l’oeil. Hang framed art where you would like a window to create a feeling of a larger space. Pastel or neutral color tones and simple, expansive imagery are perfect for adding an atmosphere of cheery spaciousness.

How To Open A Combination Safe: The Importance Of A Safe Locksmith

Combination safe locks are quite popular since they do their job extremely well. In the movies, robbers simply hack into the safe and run off with the cash before the police arrive. In reality, they would have to be extremely skilled in hacking locks to ever accomplish this before the police arrive since it can take even seasoned professionals hours to do it.

combination safe

The following are the different methods a locksmith can use to open a locked safe.

  1. Prying – It is the oldest method yet the least effective. It involves prying the door as well as the bolt work out of the safe’s doorframe work out.  It is possible to accomplish with enough time, energy, and pressure but locksmiths usually never perform this since it tends to damage the safe beyond repair.
  2. Cutting – This involves using a torch or saw to cut into the safe. This is yet another method that locksmiths seldom use since it damages the safe, is noisy, time-consuming, and messy.
  3. Manipulation – This is very time-consuming but is most preferable since it leaves no trace of entry and is not messy. It involves the locksmith uncovering the combination of the safe through sound or touch. The locksmith can use a stethoscope to aid in hearing the sound to open the lock faster. Even though some seasoned professionals can manipulate the lock in minutes, it takes an hour on average to complete this task.
  4. Drilling – This involves drilling a small hole into the safe and passing a preside instrument to aid the locksmith in visually seeing how to open the lock. It is the second most preferable method of opening a safe after manipulation. It is not as easy as it may sound and it requires the hands of a seasoned professional to execute successfully.
  5. Scoping – It also involves the drilling of a small hole into the safe. However, here the locksmith inserts a borescope into the hole to get an idea of how to open the lock. Scoping is, however, effective, is inexpensive to repair, and leaves a little mess.

In conclusion, based on the information in this article, it is quite clear that opening a combination safe is not as easy as Hollywood makes it out to be. This is why you must always ensure that you are dialing the proper combination before calling in for backup.

When you call in a locksmith, you need to have the following details ready to ensure that all goes well:

  • The model number of the safe
  • The manufacturer
  • Any tags mounted on the safe
  • The approximate size of the combination lock

Enhance Concrete Aesthetics with Decorative Concrete Contractors

Decorative concrete is using concrete for aesthetic enhancement to a structure. It serves as an integral part of the building such as patios, driveways, walls, and floors. By using a variety of materials, you can achieve the transformation of ordinary concrete into a decorative concrete with the help of decorative concrete contractors. Their job is to make the concrete for your patios, floors, driveways, pools decks and many more, more decorative and burst with design.

decorative concrete

The jobs of the decorative concrete contractors are the following:

  • To stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is also often known as textured or imprinted concrete. It is where the replication of concrete into stones such as tile, brick, slate or even wood. Stamped concrete is a perfect choice for outdoor paving and a perfect canvas in creating a worthwhile replica without bypassing the natural and authentic look. The contractor ensures that the mixture of colors and patterns for the stamped cement will blend and match with other textured concrete elements at the homeowner’s residence.
  • To stained the concrete. The contractor makes sure that they used the appropriate techniques for the application of staining the concrete. Stained concrete can be categorized into acid-based chemical stains or water-based acrylics. Acid-based chemical stains’ composition is a mixture of acid-soluble metallic salts, hydrochloric acid and water. The metallic salts can easily penetrate because the acidic stain will engrave lightly on the surface. It won’t peel away, flake out and it won’t fade because it will become permanent on the concrete once the stain reacts. Water-based stains come in a much broader spectrum of hues. With dozen of standard colors, including black, white and metallic tints that the manufacturers can offer. Water-based stains can also penetrate the concrete like the acid stains and they can produce permanent colors, ranging from translucent to opaque depending on the application of the product.
  • To overly decorative concrete. To conceal imperfections in the existing concrete’s surface, the contractors will do the overlay on decorative concrete. It is easy to almost give any concrete surface, outdoors or indoors with a lower cost than replacing and removing decorative concrete a compete face-lift.
  • Resurfacing concrete. Decorative concrete contractors will perform work on completely resurfacing concrete to cover the cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections and they will remove and replace it if improving the looks of your concrete is your goal. Contractors usually use polymer-modified overlays to completely resurface the concrete. It is one way to upgrade the looks of your decorative concrete. You can also choose variety of colors and pattern options.
  • Polishing the concrete. Contractors nowadays uses polishing equipment and techniques to achieve the ultimate no-wax flooring material. They will grind new or old concrete floor surfaces to a high-gloss finish that will never need waxes or coating anymore.

Dyes the concrete. For the decorative concrete contractors, they usually make concrete as their color canvas. The can effectively use the dye and harmonious chemical stains combination. To make the applicator have more lively colors such as purple, blue, and yellow use dyes, according to Bob Harris, the DCI President.

Various Bathroom Designs with European Styles

Various Bathroom Design with European Styles: Five excellent pictures of European bathroom designs are presented here. These pictures show the grandeur, elegance, and beauty of European bathroom design with exotic color decoration, luxurious bathtubs, and amazing lighting design. Many things we can learn from these amazing European bathroom design pictures.

From the picture above we can learn the exotic color scheme and exotic lighting design. These are the elegant European bathroom design pictures that we can use as the references and inspiration in designing a new bathroom design for new contemporary house interior design. If you are planing to build a contemporary house, these new European bathroom design pictures can be the solution of designing an elegant contemporary bathroom design and decoration. The excellent picture collection of contemporary luxury European bathroom design, decoration and fixtures are good references.

These are the sample pictures of excellent European bathroom design with exclusive bathroom fixtures for remodeling ideas or for the inspiration of designing a new bathroom of your contemporary home interior designs. The collection of pictures about extraordinary European bathroom design with the best bathroom fixtures for remodeling ideas can be seen in this site. If you think that your old bathroom design is not up to date any more, you need to remodel your bathroom interior design. In order that yo can remodel your old bathroom design elegantly and beautifully, you need the references of awesome bathroom design that can give you the ideas or inspiration in creating an excellent bathroom design.

Nice Bedroom Design and Decoration for Home Interior

Bedrooms must be designed as well as possible. Why? Because it is the private room that we use as the place to take a rest, to sleep or other activities.

The four factors that influence the look of the bedroom must be paid attention to. They are the bedroom design, the bedroom decoration, the bedroom lighting, and the bedroom furniture. These four factors must be harmoniously applied in designing a bedroom in order to create the comfortable bedroom.

If you are planning to build a new house it is a good idea to look for the sample pictures about house design as the references in choosing the best style of home design that you wish. These bedroom interior design pictures are very inspiring. These are the pictures of elegant bedroom interior design with beautiful decoration and exclusive furniture.

These bedroom interior design pictures can give you the inspiration or references in determining the style of elegant bedroom design to complete the house interior design. The elegant bedroom design will support the whole look of home interior design which consists of living room, bedroom, kitchen room, dining room and bathroom. The interesting things that we can learn from these bedroom design pictures are the elegant design of the bedroom, the beautiful color scheme of the bedroom designs, the suitable choice of the lighting fixtures and bedroom furniture.